Turn Of The Screw The Governess Character Analysis

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When can you know when a person can be trusted? In the Turn Of The Screw written by Henry James, the narrator otherwise known as the governess tells the story. But how reliable is the information she is giving us? Can she be trusted or is the information that she is giving the reader a lack of evidence.
Although the narrator of this novel is not introduced formally. The person who is telling this story is the governess. Who also is in charge of taking care of two kids named Flora and Miles. The governess grows suspicion of the children early in the novel. This is seen during a conversation between the Governess and Mrs.Grose, “Did she see anything in that boy---” [James, pg.12] This indicates that the governess has begun to take precaution
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These vivid images of the ghost of Peter Quint and Miss.Jessel is a made up illusion in the mind of the governess. She claims these efforts are to protect the children. Though when Flora is found at the lake, the Governess claims Miss.Jessel is there. She is excited that she has proof of the spirit being among the children. Unfortunately, Mrs.Grose who had accompanied the Governess had failed to see what the Governess had seen.[James, pg.71] Another indication that the Governess is a sick woman who has gone crazy. Also, her unhealthy obsession with the children has gone as far as her kissing Miles. A similar incident had occurred when the Governess had claimed to see Peter Quint at the window, though Miles cannot see anything; frightening Miles eventually dies of a heart attack and unable to comprehend the accusations the Governess had put upon him.
Is the Governess a source of reliability? Or a woman who has gone crazy, and made up these fake illusions of these spirits to justify her actions? That is left to the choice of the reader, of what to think of the Governess. As the reader, I believe the Governess is a mad woman. But each reader has their different stance on whether the Governess is reliable or not. In real life, often people will become obsessed with a belief in their head that is not true but force the idea onto others and themselves, eventually making themselves sick in the

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