Turkish Airlines Essay

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People can apply any of their job advertisements if they have the required application qualifications. They can find the application form on the company’s website (www.thy.com.tr , www.turkhavayollari.com.tr). The processes that have to be followed during and after the application is specified on the advertisement.

Turkish Airlines provides part-time positions for university/high school students. Requirements for part-time jobs vary according to the positions applied.

Turkish Airlines recruits new staff as needed rather than at defined periods. Therefore, people can always make a general application to Turkish Airlines. Suitable candidates are invited to oral
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This is convenient for going to the United States’ western coast. Turkish Airlines will also be going to the countries of China, Greece, Spain, France and 3 other locations in Italy.
In 2010 ,they attained a nine-month net profit of 169 million USD. Turkish Airlines saw a 39 percent increase in their sales, with revenues at 5 billion USD. The long-term strategy of the company is to increase revenue generated by their business class passengers.


THY’s growth depends on its successful marketing strategies. The company reaches its customers by rewards programs, monthly magazine (SkyLife) and advertisements.

The airline consolidates the rewards programs together into a single account for both Mile & Smiles family members and Elite Plus members. The Elite Plus members enjoy greater convenience because their earned miles will be located in a single account. This also means that any miles earned can be applied to family members too. When you pay for purchases using a Miles & Smiles credit card or book flights with any airlines within the Star Alliance, you earn more miles. (THY joined one of the most prestigious airline alliances in the world - Star Alliance- the world's biggest airline marketing partnership).

The company also publishes a magazine called SkyLife whıch is a travelling guide and contains cultural essentials of different countires.

Moreover, by

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