Turkey 's Geographic Location Has Been Critical Throughout History

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Turkey’s geographic location has been critical throughout history being the gateway between Europe and Asia. In more recent history it has played a critical role in the security of the region as a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). However, with the rise of ISIS and the attempted coup in Turkey the security situation in Turkey has become shaken(“Turkey’s New Role,” n.d.). With the importance of security in the region, these events have opened the opportunity for private security firms to increase and expand their presence in the region. There are multiple benefits for growing the private security firms into Turkey. The first is the growing demand for security forces in Turkey. The growing need will provide increased job opportunities. The second is its desirable location for travel and living cost will make recruiting easier. Straddling both Europe and Asia, potential recruits could view the opportunity for easy travel across Europe and Asia very desirable. Though the demand may be high for private security in Turkey, there may be some cultural differences that must be overcome. The first benefit of expanding the private security business to Turkey would be the ease of recruiting for positions in Turkey. Acting as a bridge between Europe and Asia, living in Turkey offers an opportunity to expand a person’s knowledge of a culture and increase their life experiences. Recruiting personnel security personnel from outside of Turkey would have a…

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