Turkey Food Essay

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Food is taken in the mouth the first process is Mastication. This is the biting and chewing a feed breaking food into smaller particles. The incisor teeth cut and the molars grind. The food is mixed with saliva causing a breakdown of digestion of carbohydrates begins in the mouth, amylase is secreted and starts breaking down the carbs in the bread to form a bolus of food. This Bolus of food is pushed between the hard palate and the tongue mixing the bolus of food with saliva and pushing the bolus of food from the mouth into the esophagus, this is called swallowing. The bolus of food leaves the amount past the pharynx enters into the esophagus, this is a muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. There is a sphincter at the upper …show more content…
Digestion would start in the mouth first with our teeth biting and tearing the sandwich into small particles. The salivary glands would secrete saliva containing the enzyme salivary amylase and Lingual lipase this would start the breaking down of carbohydrates in the bread and fat in the cheese. The food would be formed into a bolus and when lubricated by the saliva and pushed by the tongue. The food would leave the mouth past the pharynx into the esophagus this is called swallowing.
The bolus of food is moved down the esophagus by the peristaltic way and gravity aids in the passage of food down the esophagus. The two sphincters in the esophagus aid with the entrance of the food bolus and the exit of the food into the stomach.
The food bolus enters the stomach where the protein in the turkey and cheese are broken down by pepsin and HCI that break the protein to polypeptides. The fat within the cheese and the turkey and bread are broken down by tributyrinase to tributyrin to glycerol and fatty acids. The stomach issues for the storage, mixing and controlled emptying of food. There is a sphincter at the end of the stomach called the pyloric sphincter that controls the food from entering the small

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