Business Ethics Case Study: Turing Pharmaceuticals

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In recent news Turing Pharmaceuticals has been on the news for raising the price on their medicine at skyrocketing costs. One in particular, is a medicine known as Daraprim which cost only $13.50 per tablet, saw an increased on its cost overnight by $736.50 dollars per tablet after being bought by Turing Pharmaceuticals. Daraprim is used in curing a parasitic infection that can be life threatening if left untreated.Turing Pharmaceuticals has obtain other older medicines and increased their costs to a ridiculous price.This goes to show that human life in the United States is a business.The American people can barely afford full healthcare coverage as it is. Acquiring medical treatment to live should not be a luxury but a right.
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The effects of such outcome is hurting how hospitals are securing one if not all on the list of medications Turing and other pharmaceutical companies have increased prices on. Forcing them to use other methods and medications that are not as efficient. The government has no regulation when it comes to how much a pharmaceutical company charges for their medications. While some of the patents have expired on some of these medications. Turing is doing everything in their power for other pharmaceutical companies to not come across the medications and duplicate …show more content…
The real cost of all of this the life of countless Americans who depend on medications like Turing to live a healthy life. We are in America for crying out loud, people of toxoplasmosis should not be occurring in the US. That tells the world the we don 't value human life, that Americans are solely into greed. Accomplishing it at whatever price possible. Whether it 's human life, it doesn’t matter. Turing defense is nothing but an excuse for covering up the fact that the CEO needed money to pay off disgruntled investors. Although he denies it, what other reason would he have raised the price Daraprim for? To fund the research of new medication? So he can sell it to the American public for even more money than Daraprim. His defense is invalid, due to the fact if he capable of selling a 62 year drug at a 5000% price increase. What makes us believe he won 't sell a new medicine for double that price. It 's all about money for these individuals. Human life has more profit than any other industry. The United States Government needs to regulate the Pharmaceutical companies today, failure to do, will be the result of decline in human life. Turing lacks moral ethics, consumed only by greed. Just like many companies who fall into these scandals. Make profit at any cost, even human life if

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