Tunnel Boring Machine Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The TBM is like a train which have a rotary head in the front with 42 cutting blade discs to cut the surface for the tunnels. TBM will have gantries at the back of the head they are used to collect the mucks from the head sent to the conveyor and the conveyor will send it to the muck ships which is 12m3. The precast segments are kept at the back of the gantries, the hydraulic system used to hold the pre cast segments and fixed by a bolt there are 6 precast segments used to make one ring. There 16 different types of pre case segments used in the metro rail project based on the turnings of the tunnel.

The Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) Herrenknecht 710 & 711 and Robins are used in the package UAA-01. The Herrenknect 710 & 711 are german tunnel boring machines, Robbins are USA tunnel boring machine.
Controlling of TBM:
The tunnel boring machines are controlled by the TBM controller who will be inside the tunnel boring machine. The control unit room which will be available on the site area will always check the movement of the tunnel boring machines activity. The angles and turns are controlled from the control unit by commading the Engineer, the commands are based on longitudinal and latitudinal signals from the computer.
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4) The work sites must be clean by placing debris, rubbish and waste in proper containers.
5) While placing ladders, Scaffoldings make sure it is placed in even surface.
6) Scaffolding must be tied to any permanent surface .
7) The diesel generators used for power generations must be totally covered.
8) Cables and wires should not be laid on ground.
9) The wires should be properly insulated.
10) The safety officer should always ensure the safety of the site by visiting it regularly.

The aim of a civil engineer is to plan and design various types of structures. This will not be possible unless he involves himself in ground oriented tasks. A project engineer is mostly responsible for implementing the structural design on ground. He needs to have depth of knowledge and fore sightness so that his project should not be stuck up for material scarcity, manpower, any special equipment or any other project related problem like requirement of dewatering in an excavation pit. This should be also theoretically covered along with practical orientation. So Chennai metro Rail Ltd,. taught me everything about their way of construction, which was really helpful to gain

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