Essay on Tuition Reimbursement: a Benefit for Employers

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Due to the ever changing landscape of the business world many employers often send their employees to attend trainings and seminars. Though this specialized training sessions are costly the return a company gets from it is worth the investment. A company that constantly sends its employees to school to acquire a fresh and new ideas has a greater advantage than a company that do not offer such benefit. Tuition reimbursement is one of the many benefits an employer offers to attract a potential employee or keep a good employee in their company‘s work force. It is important for companies to send their employees to trainings or schoolings because the data used in everyday business world is changing rapidly. The importance of acquiring new …show more content…
Tax Break Offering tuition reimbursement for employees is a good way for companies small or big to catch a tax break from the government. Writing off the tuition reimbursement afforded to employees as tax deductible versus the company’s annual income is better than just paying that tax dollar straight to the government. Investing that money to the company’s employee by paying for their schooling is a money smartly spent than just paying it as company’s annual taxes to the government.
Working for Higher Pay Another advantage of tuition reimbursement for employers is that employees can now require their employee to finish their training or schooling before they give them a substantial raise on their annual income. Employees in the past receives salary raises not because of merit but most of the time just because of the time they have been wittier respective companies. Though this promotes loyalty, it also elevates the unproductive mind set in the company’s work force. Inspiring the workers to do their best and rewarding them promotes a better working environment for the workers and the employers. Employees are encourage to be more productive and creative in tackling their daily work undertakings. Promoting these type of incentives are better than just giving an employee a salary raise because of their time spent with the company as supposed to the quality

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