Tuition In College Essay

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The simple brain of a teenager is easily overwhelmed by the thought of college. It is no secret that expenses for an adequate education is outrageous. How can the frenzied mind of a teen fluently intake and comprehend all the information and costs of a college education? Simply put, many cannot do so, but one truly should not have to. Decades ago, this was not a concern whatsoever. Elite children attended college and the remaining population went straight to work. Although, as times have gone by and modernization has occurred, a college education is now a common occurrence and is often required. College tuition is rising at an abrupt rate, many American families can no longer keep up. Resulting in higher usage of student aid, as the …show more content…
In the article “The Scandal of College Tuition,” the author, Thomas Sowell, states, “The average tuition at American colleges and universities rose each year throughout the decade of the 1980’s, at a rate much higher than the general rate of inflation in the economy”(23). Studies have shown that these rates seem to continue to rise and are becoming unaffordable for the general population. As the education level provided becomes higher, such as Ivy League Institutions, along comes the prices. Many believe the door to a higher education is no longer open for millions of Americans. Clearly, college and universities costs must cut back to become affordable for millions of Americans to live an adequate …show more content…
First off, with the increasing demand of a college education, supply goes down, causing tuition to skyrocket. Due to student loans, the leading factor to high tuition, the availability to attend college dramatically has risen in the past decade. In the article, “Going Broke by Degree: Why College Costs Too Much,” Richard K. Vedder, author and Ohio University economic historian, states, “Students increasingly rely on third parties - governments and private donors - to help finance their education. This has enhanced the increase in demand, raised tuition levels, and provides new resources to universities” (23). Government subsidies may appear beneficial by bringing down product cost at the initial time, but truly makes matters worse later by hiring the demand for college. To add on, current spendings of college and universities are asked to be paid by students. From recreational areas to alumni donations, the spending is weighed onto the students. Lastly, many colleges and universities simply spend too much. This is including paying faculty more, conducting research, and much more. Hundreds of spendings add up, in which students are expected to pick up the tab. It is very evident there are numerous reasons for high tuition prices, causing college to be

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