Tuition Free Community College Essay

735 Words Oct 24th, 2015 3 Pages
Tuition free community college is an important subject that is should be discussed early in a student’s educational process to prepare them for future expectations, beyond high school. A study conducted by Pew Research indicates that, “College graduates ages 25 to 32 working full time are earning about $17,000 more than employed young adults with only a high school diploma” (Greenblatt par. 62). There is a need to emphasize the high school diploma is inadequate to support a standard of living beyond the poverty level. Students have to understand how education level is directly related to living standards and how important the middle class is to the fitness of the United States. I intend to develop a campaign marketed to high school students and their parents so they can understand that education does not stop at high school and tuition cost should not be a barrier to their success.
Students and parents will find this campaign work on campus as large poster ads to stimulate interest in community college tuition free programs and will be located in the cafeteria and along hallways, where student traffic is the greatest. The poster would have large taglines to grab attention such as, “Expand Your Possibilities with Tuition Free Community College!” or “Tuition Cost Should Not Prevent Success!” Also, included would be pictures of students actively involved in class to reiterate the message that tuition free programs are for responsible students that maintain their grade point…

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