Tuition Fee And The Challenge Of Making Higher Education Essay examples

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The college market in South Africa has increased tremendously recently. This has been a “prominent issue” states Ouma Wangenge in the article: “Tuition Fees and The Challenge of Making Higher Education a Popular Commodity In South Africa.”. As you can clearly see, this is not just a great issue in America, but also in other countries. The framework for this free college has been a huge debate ranging from funding of the government to protestors against the idea of a totally free college. They use the same issues that Americans have with the issue of a totally free college. Where will the money come from? Who will benefit from this? How many people does this hurt to make it happen? Well, in South Africa, unlike many other African countries, they have developed a system of cost sharing. Even though this is the case, mostly black students have been requesting a free college system. They are a heavy advocate of this particular system. Obviously, students of this nature feel like they are being deprived of what they could possibly have. Although college is a privilege, students think that their colleges should have a more affordable boundary on them. This quote from the abstract that came with the article sums the reason for why all students feel deprived by their colleges. “But, for a while now, students, especially Black students, have been demanding tuition free higher education even though the country has a student financial aid scheme to support talented but poor…

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