Tuition Cuts And Its Impact On College Universities Essay

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When a potential student is in the market for a university in which to enroll, tuition cost is often one of the greatest determining factors in that decision (“Tuition Cuts,” n.d.). However, other factors such as financial assistance or the success ranking of that college are also potential factors that could sway the student’s decision. Due to the current market structure of college universities, individual universities must come up with new strategies that are unique and appealing to potential students (Pitsker, 2015).
One university that is implementing a new strategy in order bring attention to itself, while simultaneously differentiating itself from the rest of the comparable competition would be Bethany College in West Virginia (“Tuition Cuts,” n.d.). According to Schackner (2001), Bethany college has announced a tuition cut of 42% over a four-year time which happens to be one of the greatest tuition cuts implemented by a private university in the country. Moreover, Bethany college when considered as a case study, I hypothesize that the tuition cut will provide a long term and reliable increase in revenue based on the supply and demand model, elasticity, and the demographics of both the student and the university.
Moreover, such a large reduction in tuition have many individuals speculating the reasoning behind such a drastic cut in tuition price. One factor that is said to be influencing the university is that of the supply and demand model. Bethany college is…

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