Tuirg Case Study

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A semi-nomadic pastoralist culture in the middle of modern, Westernizing Africa, is an ethnic group called the Tuareg. Though diverse and living in separate communities speckled throughout Algeria, Mali, and Niger, the Tuareg are united by their shared language and proud history. They were expert traders and formidable warriors, raiding and conquering to find the best land for the livestock, prior to the European colonization of Africa. For the Tuareg, it was the French that proved too formidable. The Tuareg were one of the last groups to be colonized, but their swords could not hold off the French guns forever. After large casualties on both sides of the conflict, it finally ended with the signing of a treaty in the late 19th century (Keita 1998). However, though the violence ended, the troubles of the Tuareg did not. Due to their fierce reputation, and with the French having the casualties to prove it, the Tuareg were severely marginalized under French colonial …show more content…
They work with Artisan Associations and Tuareg tribal leaders to discuss potential solutions to common issues the Tuareg face in order to work together towards a common goal. The organization’s goal is to fund sustainable development projects that are agreed upon with the Tuareg groups located in Timbuktu, demonstrating another participative approach to aid/relief. In communication with Tuareg Relief, the Tuareg leaders made it obvious that an absolute necessity was access to water, both for drinking and for watering crops and livestock, and that schools are an absolute necessity in order to give them the knowledge to ensure such security and self-sufficiency. This relief charity works in tandem with Jump4Timbuktu, which ensures fair trade amongst groups in impoverished areas in and around Timbuktu to help with economic strains (Jump 4

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