Tui Mkt 501 Module 1 Slp Essay

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This Module 1 SLP will be the first part of an in-depth market analysis. The company I have chosen is Starbucks Coffee Company. The first Starbucks opened in 1971 at Pike Place market in Seattle, WA. Eleven years later, Howard Schultz was hired by the company to be the director of retail operations and marketing. The first Starbucks with the current coffee house look and feel was opened in 1984 in downtown Seattle. The Starbucks headquarters is still located in Seattle, WA. Currently, Starbucks is relying on retail expansion, product innovation, and service innovation to achieve this long-term goal once set by current chairman Howard Schultz: “The idea was to create a chain of coffeehouses
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He had gotten compliments from customers wanting to buy the music they heard and suggested to senior executives that there was a market for the company's music tapes. Research that involved looking through two years of comment cards turned up hundreds asking Starbucks to sell the music it played in its stores. The Starbucks CDs, created from the Capitol Records library, proved a significant addition to the company's product line. Some of the CDs were specifically collections designed to tie in with new blends of coffee that the company was promoting. Starbucks also sold Oprah's Book Club selections, the profits of which were donated to a literacy fund supported by the Starbucks Foundation. (Ward, 2011)
Starbucks' marketing strategy involves positioning its Starbucks outlets as a place where consumers can spend time other than their home or work. This was done by making each of its stores as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The coffee giant achieved these using creature comforts, such as comfortable furniture and relaxing music. Over the past several years, Starbucks also included offerings such as wireless internet, handicapped access, complimentary books, and common areas for collaboration. While Starbucks stores are positioned as locations where customers can spend time in a comfortable setting, their product lines are positioned at the

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