Tuesday with Morrie Reflection Essay

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Part 1: Chapter 1

Four-year-old Essie Mae lives in a two-room shack with her father, mother, and younger sister. Her parents do all they can to make the structure comfortable for the family, but most of the decorations consist of mismatched bits of wallpaper stuck up with tacks and pieces of cardboard stuffed in the cracks. Essie Mae's parents work in the fields from daylight to dark all week except Sundays. While her parents are working, Essie Mae and her little sister, Adline, are watched by George Lee, Essie Mae's eight-year-old uncle. George Lee sets fire to the house one
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Essie Mae likes this house the best because it is made of new boards and has a new toilet. She also thinks that they have a position of honor because they are the only black family in the neighborhood.
Essie Mae, Adline, and Junior spend their time sitting out front in a trench watching the white children ride their bikes. The white children become intrigued when they hear Essie Mae making Indian noises and the two groups of children become friends. When all the children go to the movies together, Essie Mae gets in trouble for trying to go into the main theatre with the white children instead of upstairs to the balcony. #

Part 1: Chapter 4

The house Raymond builds is five rooms and has a green frame and a gray porch. They still do not have indoor plumbing, but the water line has been run to the house and Raymond promises to add on a bathroom soon. Mama and Essie Mae go to town to buy furniture and wallpaper for the house. When Essie Mae asks for a white post bed like Miss Ola's, Toosweet tells her not to want everything that white people have and that the Claiborne's have ruined Essie Mae. Once the family is settled into their new home, Raymond brings James, who is four years old, to live with them.
Essie Mae, Adline, and Junior quickly make friends with Raymond's family, but Miss Pearl and the rest of Raymond's family refuse to accept Toosweet. When the children start school again, Toosweet pushes Essie Mae to

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