Tuberculosis: Concepts In Community And Public Health

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Register to read the introduction… The bovine type enters the human body through injestion of unpasteurized milk which is infected with mycobacterium bovine. This can be prevented with pasturization and proper boiling of milk before consuming. Promoting breast feeding can reduce the incidence from this type of TB infection infants. Mothers who are not able to breast feed or if there is no adequate milk production, the community health worker should emphasize on the importance of proper boiling of cow’s milk, if the choice of milk is cow or sheep’s origin. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis transmits from an infected person to un infected person through droplet infection. This airborne particles which are called as droplet nuclie are one to five microns in diameter and able to suvive for several hours in air under favorable environments.Persons who are diagnosed with active pulmonary tuberculosis should be treated with multi drug therapy under “Direct Observational Therapy”(DOT). Respiratory hygiene should be in practice to prevent spreading. A surgical mask should be worn by the patient to prevent spreading of droplet …show more content…
This benefits to protct the public and early treatment.(Maurer& Smith 2009). Data collection, analysis and follow up in TB is important. Data collection can be in different ways. Reports from health care settings, of all diagnosed TB cases to the infection contoll department is mandatory. Direct interviews, surveys, observation and record review, are methods of data collcetion.Community health nurses who are culturally competant are able to collect adequate information and can provide appropriate teaching instructions. Use of translators, or printed material in the language of the patient is necessary to get correct information, if the patint’s primary language is not English or can not understand English. Information Should be colleceted by the community health nurse at each visit of the patient to the health center or each community visit of the nurse. Age, gender, race, country of birth, sign and symptoms onset duration should be documented .All diagnosed TB population should be followed up regularly for assessment and treatment by the community nurse. Folllow up results of “Tuberclin Skin Test”(TST), chest Xrays, Sputum smear, and cultures indicating negative results

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