Essay on Tsunami and People

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THESIS: The tsunami is a dangerous natural disaster that should be analyzed and studied to prevent unnecessary deaths.

What is a Tsunami?
A. Definition
B. Historical background
C. What effects do they cause

What causes Tsunami?
D. Why do tsunami occur?
E. Where do they occur?
F. How often do they occur

What damage do they cause?
G. The financial cost
H. The environmental cost
I. The human cost

Analyzing and researching
J. Detecting a tsunami
K. Planning
L. Learning from the past


Tsunami: Analyzing the tsunami to prevent future tragedy

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines tsunami as "a seismic sea wave or tidal wave that is
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Tsunamis are powerful waves on the ocean that are caused by earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes or meteors hitting the water. Ninety-five percent of Tsunamis however are caused by earthquakes on the ocean floor (Abbott ch3 ). These earthquakes are the result of shifting plates of land that shift or move under each other. When one of these plates gets stuck under another and then releases itself, the upward energy on the ocean above it causes waves that move out in opposite directions. These waves may rise only three feet when they are out in the open ocean and may be spread out over a large area. This would mean that ships out on the open ocean would only feel a small difference in the ocean height. These waves can reach speeds up to that of airplanes at 500 miles an hour. Once the waves reach the shallow water however that changes. The speed of the wave slows down and the wave begins to grow taller and becomes smaller but has much more energy. As the wave hits the coast, the powerful wave destroys everything in its path. People, houses, trees, beaches and anything else in its way are also pushed more inland. As this wave loses energy it begins to recede or return back into the ocean. Those that have survived the initial wave are pulled back into the ocean as this water returns. During or after another wave or group of waves may come on land as well. It is not until all the energy produced

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