Tsar Nicholas II Mistakes Essay

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Since the early 1600’s Russia had been ruled by the Romanov family. The final Tsars were increasingly ineffective and when Tsar Nicholas II came into power he did not fix the mistakes of the past Tsars and due to his bad leadership he is solely to blame for bringing his country into ruin which in turn led to his downfall, however, the people of Russia were eager for change because of the mistakes of the past Tsars and Nicholas II could not govern the entire country and keep them from wanting a revolution.

During the course of Nicholas II reign he made various mistakes that contributed to his downfall. Nicholas II’s father, Alexander II, brought a police of Russification which stated that the non-native people of Russia must give up their
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In 1914 World War 1 broke out and Nicholas II decided to take control of the army. The government was left to be controlled by the Tsarina and Rasputin who had their own interests in mind. Due to most supplies being dedicated towards the war effort there was a shortage in food and the people starved and grew angry with the Tsar. The Duma would not help the people’s concern and as such they began to support the revolutionary parties such as the Mensheviks, Bolsheviks and Social Revolutionaries. As the war effort continued most of the people in Russia were calling for peace but the Tsar would not leave the war so they grew ready to revolt against the crown. In February 1917 the people of Russia reached their breaking point. Rasputin was killed by a group of nobles and the Female textile workers of Russia went on a hunger strike and were joined by all of the workers in Petrograd. The Cossacks and army were sent to control the crowds and stop them but the soldiers were also tired of the war and joined the strikes instead. The revolutionary parties led by the Mensheviks took control of all municipal and government buildings. The Duma forced the Tsar to abdicate from the throne. Tsar Nicholas ignored the peoples call for reform and governed the country as he wished which led to his forced abdication of the …show more content…
Since Tsar Alexander III took away all reforms and brutally eliminated all opposition the people of Russia were not happy with the Tsarist regime and wanted to revolt. The revolutionary parties all had their own agendas as to why each of them wanted to rule Russia. The parties believed that their own way was the best way for Russia to be ruled but they all agreed that it was time for the monarch to be ended. Tsar Nicholas II was one man and could not be expected to control the whole of Russia alone. He entrusted the Tsarina and Rasputin to help him rule and they failed to do so in a way that would improve Russia and the people’s opinion of the Tsarist regime. Russia was a large country and it was hard to hear all the people’s voices and act on what they wanted. The incident of Bloody Sunday cannot be blamed on a Tsar that was not at the palace and who therefore could not stop the Cossacks. The incident of Bloody Sunday is to be blamed on the general who gave the order to attack the innocents. As WW1 broke out and the Tsar took control to fight against the Germans who threatened to kill millions of innocents and control all of Europe the revolutionary parties were able to use the food shortages and complaints to blame the Tsar as a scapegoat to further their own agenda’s. When the time was ripe the people of Russia revolted

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