Ts Group Erp Systems Decision Essay

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TS Group ERP Systems Decision
Dale Hogeland
Walden University

July 17, 2011 Abstract This paper is an attempt to understand why TS Group chose JDE over SAP, SYSPRO, and Microsoft Dynamics. Within this paper all four ERP products (JDE, SAP, SYSPRO and Microsoft Dynamics) are evaluated for their strengths and weaknesses. From this evaluation a hypothesis is made as to why TS Group preferred the JDE ERP system. Considering any consultants available for these products, an argument is presented as to which constituents (stakeholders) had the most influence on this decision.

TS Group ERP Systems Decision TS Group purchased an ERP software solution from JD Edwards (JDE) in order to accomplish the same results as Motorola with
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18). Also, “…smaller companies upgrading from an earlier version have found that the definition of the role centers has led to a more cumbersome user experience” (Hestermann, C., et al, December 17, 2010, p. 18). IV. SYSPRO
Target market is distinct manufacturing and distribution companies “…with up to $500 million-a-year revenue range and up to 250 concurrent users per site…” (Jakovljevic, P., J., March 15, 2003) covering a wide variety of industries including CPG. A. Strengths 1. Financial: Extremely flexible in design capability and offers “…extensive drill-down to source transactions from the general ledger, and offers flexible consolidated reporting” (Patton, J., 2011). 2. Distribution: Optimization of inventory control and customer service with unmated “…visibility and traceability from source to consumer” (Patton, J., 2011) 3. Manufacturing: Presents abundant attributes to facilitate “…estimating, scheduling, costing, lot and serial tracking, backflushing, material verification, inventory optimization and planning” (Patton, J., 2011). B. Weakness
There are many. 1. The execution and support issues leave little to be desired. 2. “Ninety percent of Syspro's go to market is done by channel partners, and the quality of implementations and support has been noted as variable” (Hestermann, C., et al, December 17, 2010, p.26). 3. Their Financial module is considered

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