Truth Is Good By Michael P. Lynch Essay

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Truth is Good? One of the four key aspects of truth outlined in Michael P. Lynch’s book True to Life is that truth is good. I consider this statement to be slightly at fault and will try to explain my reasonings in this paper. First I will discuss Lynch’s sections in his book concerning truth being good. After that I will present ideas that contradict Lynch’s statement and discuss them. Some of the ideas that I will talk about are lies, pragmatism, importance, and the definition of good.Truth is applicable to many concepts, but does not have a definite quality as either good nor bad, contrary to Lynch’s belief that truth is cognitively good in his book True To Life.
The first argument for truth as a cognitive good appears in Lynch’s chapter ‘Truth Hurts’, which discusses the pursuit of truth. To begin, Lynch defines truth as a collection of true beliefs. True beliefs are beliefs that correctly correspond to reality. Lynch also says, “To believe is to just take as true”(13). Basically, truth is having beliefs that correctly correlate with reality. In this same chapter, Lynch talks about how there are many different category of good and under what section truth falls under. Lynch believes that truth is a cognitive good and not a moral good. Cognitive good is good in relation to knowledge and thoughts, while moral good is good on a moral scale. Therefore Lynch explains this through the formation of beliefs. Lynch states that since forming beliefs is often out of our…

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