Truth Behind the Veil Essay

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“Fighting racism and Oppression”
“I am a Muslim”, a line that has been very hard for me to say due to its negative connotation ever since the 9/11 attacks and beyond that. Ever since the day of 9/11, I have been in fear to show who I am, what ethnicity I am, and what religion I practice. Due to the cause of the attacks, people had the wrong perception to what being a Muslim really is, for people thought it was battle against Muslims and not a battle against terrorists. In Zayn Kassam,” Can a Muslim be a Terrorist?” He answers, “Sure, why not, I wonder, for so can a Jew, a Hindu, a Sikh, a Catholic, or, indeed, a member of any faith (776).” Another example of unfair assumption that is portrayed is in George Orwell’s, “Shooting an
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If terrorists, the U.S. the British Empire, the Burmese, have had followed this philosophy perhaps the tensions between whomever there was tension with, might have been prevented or gone away in a more peaceful manner. Also by holding truth to one’s own kind, and expressing the fact that not everyone is the same just because they are a same race, religion or culture. Additionally, to prevent what I think is the biggest reasons to racism and oppression is the assumption of just because you are that particular ethnicity, from a different culture, religion or race does that mean it comes with a presumable attachment to that. Therefore, with this philosophy we can prevent or subdue racism and oppression.
Growing up in a Muslim family, my parents have always taught me that violence is never the answer and when violence is involved to stay away from it. Also the same could be said in a Jewish, Hindu, and Christian family. First, people must understand as Obama has said, “This isn’t a war against Islam but a war against terror.” But ever since the 9/11 attacks the media has portrayed it in such a sense that is seemed the otherwise. Additionally, to whoever does not know the teachings of the Quran, the Islam ideology is a nonviolent one. Pursuing this further, some may ponder or may ask, “Then in the name of what why did Osama or Hussein kill people?” To answer this Zayn Kassam states,” While all Islamists are Muslim, all Muslims are not Islamists

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