Truth And Unawareness : A Deconstructive Essay On Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Truth versus Unawareness: A deconstructive essay on Hamlet by William Shakespeare “The truth will set you free” is a commonly used expression, but whether this is correct is up for debate, especially in Hamlet by William Shakespeare. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare the binary opposition of truth versus unawareness is expressed within the characters and the happenings around them. In this case, the word within the binary opposition that society believes to be privileged is ‘truth’. Despite this, the theme of truth within Hamlet leaves the characters worse off than they would have been had they been unaware to the occurrences around them. The binary oppositions of truth versus unawareness are dependent on the character and the issue that is occurring or that has occurred.
The two binaries, truth and unawareness, are present throughout the entire play of Hamlet due to the murder of old king Hamlet, as well as other occurrences that come about. The truth is often associated with Hamlet and Claudius because they are the characters who are aware of what happened to old King Hamlet. In comparison, unawareness can be seen in characters such as Ophelia, Gertrude, and most other characters because they are unaware that old Hamlet was murdered. Claudius knows the truth because he is the murderer of old King Hamlet, while Hamlet knows the truth because the Ghost made him aware. The truth is impacting the lives of Hamlet and Claudius extremely negatively; Hamlet has decided to…

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