Truth And Reality Are Influenced By A Person 's Perceptions Of The World

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Truth and Reality are influenced by a person 's perceptions of the world. This is clear in Atonement as Robbie is accused of a heinous crime and both he and Cecilia suffer because Briony naïvely presumes she understands the complexities of adult relationships, and in an effort to protect her sister, she accuses Robbie of rape. A character is only able to perceive as much as he or she understands about the world, as his or her worldview is clouded by weakness and flaws. An example of truth based on perception is the scene at the fountain. which having dual perspectives, reveals different "truths." First, we have the perspective of Cecilia and Robbie in the moment at the fountain, and in the other Briony looks out her window upon her sister and Robbie at the fountain and witnesses a conversation between the two, resulting in the breaking of the vase, and Cecilia jumping in to grab the pieces of the vase. The first way in which it is presented, the adult, now author Briony has created this scene and dialogue as if she were there. At first, the two briefly discuss literature, and Robbie tells Cecilia of his plans to go to medical school. Cecilia attempts to fill in the vase, but Robbie cuts in and offers to fill the vase in a way that was "a command on which he tried to confer urgent masculine authority" (28). However, the two struggle for control of the situation and break the vase, which falls into the fountain. Finally, Cecilia, in all her anger at Robbie, for…

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