Truth About Police Brutality And Modern Times Essay

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Truth about Police Brutality in Modern Times
In current events cases of police brutality, or alleged police brutality, are controversial issues. The world is full of good people and bad people and this is the same in the police department. Just as police officers sometimes stereotype civilians by their skin color society has begun to stereotype police officers.
Police use of excessive force is a big problem. There are many different cases in which police use unnecessary force while on the job. A research paper written by Rachel Harmon identifies two cases that have been considered when trying excessive force cases. These cases are Graham vs. Connor and Scott vs. Harris. In the first case, Graham vs. Connor, Edward Garner was sighted running from a house that had reported a prowler. Officer Elton Hyman saw Garner jump a fence and shot him in the head in order to prevent him from escaping. Edward Garner was an unarmed eighth grader. There are not strict rules about what is and is not considered excessive force. In this case the courts considered the “intrusion on the individual’s interests with the governments competing interests.” It was finally decided that using deadly force on a nonviolent suspect is not necessary. From this case the court decided that deadly force is reasonable only against dangerous felons in flight.
For awhile the findings of the Graham vs. Connor case were accepted and used to consider other cases of excessive force. However a different situation…

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