Trust Vs. Mistrust Theory

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Register to read the introduction… Mistrust is the first and the most important stage of the theory of psychosocial development according Eric Erikson’s. Trust vs. mistrust theory (hope and faith) which applies between birth 1 year old this is the main stage in life, trust plays a big role in children’s life, in this age the enfant gain control of his body and he will start knowing and figuring out with their senses what is going on or coming to them, while building confident and dependability of a child on someone or something caregiver or mother, example: if a baby is hungry and crying dose his mother or his caregiver is going to feed him?, or if he is scared from something dose his caregiver or his mother are going to try to comfort him? This thing plays big role when we are going to talk about trust vs. mistrust, this is couple ways to let our children to trust us and others during their lives, and if the child trust developed was not in the right pattern the child will fail in his development of trust always live in fear, and he doesn’t believe anyone (cherry, n.d., para 6,7,8,9, p.1), also if the child builds mistrust in him he can develop malignant tendency and can be depressed, paranoia and maybe psychosis. (Boeree, …show more content…
Sensory-motor is a stage that an infant start controlling their body, they will start knowing and figuring out what is coming to them.
A formal operation is a stage that the toddlers still not good in reasoning thing more.
Concrete operational.
Concrete operation stages they start thinking more logically, they will be able to consider multiple attributes of objects, which is very important things for being advance reasoning. Formal operation
Formal operation is when they start thinking more systematically and understand concepts. This progression of those stages are major stages is depended on how is detrimental the cortex of our brain is for the previous 3 stages, but in the formal operations the myelinations has continued but the corpus callosums it connect to the brain which let us share the tasks cross central of our brain, and the cortex will divide into hemispheres and this 2 hemispheres are connected true the commissure and true the corpus callosums, if those 2 can reach to each other that way we can share and process things.
Characters that represents each stage of development
Trust vs.

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