Trust Is Good, Right, Reliable, Honorable, And Dependable Essay

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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, trust is believing something is good, right, reliable, honorable, and dependable. Trust is something important in each and every day. From friendships, to the bonds of marriage, to the belief that things are going to do what they have always done; trust is important. People everyday put their trust in other people and things. People trust when they turn the key in the ignition of their cars, the car is going to start, or when they tell a friend a secret, the secret is going to be kept. Trust is something many people give away freely, but once trust has been lost, it is very difficult to earn back. In the beginning years of America, most Americans trusted the leaders they had elected to serve their country. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that people had a good reason to revoke the trust that had so long been put in their elected officials. In 1974, the Watergate scandal rocked their nation to the core. The break-in, which seemed so innocent, turned out to be anything but. A cover-up quickly formed to keep the truth, at any cost, from getting out. Finally, the results of this scandal changed America forever. The Watergate Scandal damaged the trust Americans have in their elected officials.
Naturally, before a scandal occurs, something has to happen to cause it. The break-in at the Watergate was this scandal’s catalyst. The term Watergate did not always used to be tied to a major scandal. Before the scandal, Watergate was…

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