Trust God Reflection

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Learning to trust God, having a relationship with God has been something I have been focused on since childhood. Paul (my grandfather) read the bible to me. My Dad’s mom Rosie Lobster took me to Sunday school. She would talk to me about God constantly. The other focus on my life has been domestic violence. As a child I was verbally, emotional, psychically and sexually abused. I was exposed to domestic violence witnessing verbally and emotional abuse of adults in my family. It was not until after a incident of sexual coercion at 13, did I seek God for the first time. I went into a deep depression because I didn’t know how to process what had happen. After months of being disappointed about waking up every day. I decided to ask God …show more content…
Funny at 18 I had said putting on lipstick was my spirituality, during my stay at Christian Northwest Recovery center inpatient treatment. We were giving worksheet defined “spirituality” as what you do that makes you feel better.
After treatment I got married, three months into the marriage I realized it was abusive. I used verbal abuse to try and control the cycle of abuse. I decided to leave my husband while in college when I realized I was pregnant. I thought our daughter might not want to be in that environment. I trusted God, I was under the assumption God takes care of fools and babies. God did prove me with a village to help me raise my daughter so I could graduate from College. I was shocked to graduate, I didn’t believe I was capable of graduating from college. The verbally abuse I experienced during childhood, I thought I was stupid, dumb and a fool. The summer following my graduation from college, I got saved at 26 years old. I was scared of God scared of what He might require of me and scared He would disappoint me, but I started going to church again because I realized spirituality was important to my sobriety. After getting saved, I started reading my bible searching for answers. My Dad had told when he started attending church regularly when I was a teenager that the answers to everything were in the
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I started reading Christian self-help books. My knowledge of scripture increase and my faith increased, but I still didn 't have a personal relationship with God.
During my time being homeless in Atlanta, God provided me with daily. I continued worry more than pray or have faith. In the midst of being homeless I realized God provided me with daily manna. I had enough for the day but never extra. He used strangers and acquaintances to bless me and my daughters.
In 2008 I started writing my personal blog, the post that got the most attention was when I shared about my relationship with God. Through blogging I realized what lessons I had learned from bible study. I learned about social media management trying to promote my blog. I rediscovered my love for writing. God began to open all kinds of doors from writing gigs.

Reading Jana Gamble 107 Ways to Give When You Think You Have Nothing to Give really helped. I began volunteering my talent with writing and social media. I was selected Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women Group delegate and lead a community action project ( a conference for homeless women). Two years later I decided to start my journey to healing from domestic violence and help other women as well through “Still I Rise” a domestic violence awareness

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