Trump 's Carrier Deal Puts Mexico Essay

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Trump’s Carrier Deal Puts Mexico in an Uncomfortable Situation President elect Donald Trump is said to have intervened in a deal between Carrier, a unit of United Technologies, and the city of Monterrey, in Northern Mexico. American owned Carrier, had plans to close two Indiana plants, and cut 2100 jobs to move production to Monterrey Mexico. However, after president elect Donald Trump stepped in, state officials offered Carrier tax breaks of $7 million to keep jobs in Indianapolis. (Reuters, 2016) This is typical of the United States, says a senior Mexican state official, as the feel that countries such s Mexico deal in banana republics. (Reuters, 2016) Banana republics – a small country that is economically dependent on a single export commodity, such as bananas, and is typically governed by a dictator or the armed forces” (thefreedictionary, 2016) While campaigning, president elect Donald Trump criticized U. S. companies like Carrier, calling their investing in Mexico “unpatriotic” (Reuter, 2016). Trump pledges to put America first by threatening to impose tariffs on Mexican-made goods. (Reuters, 2016) Nuevo Leon’s economy minister, Fernando Turner says, “Trumps deal with Carrier created an uncomfortable situation for the company, and went beyond politicians’ remit” (Reuters, 2016). Turner says companies should make there own decisions and not be influenced by politicians. President elect Donald Trump also argues that Mexico has a benefit over the United States,…

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