Essay about Truman 's The Cold War

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The Cold War, a war not of physical combat but everything else, a war between capitalism and communism, a war like the many before it, bears with it shortcomings along with merits. This war made both sides tense and paranoid. President Truman would introduce his famous Truman Doctrine, which would confirm the paranoia against the communist regime. Which in turn angered neighboring nations, The kremlin, and select few Americans. The war caused the two superpowers to set their sights to the stars and beyond and whatever comes with it. Capitalism in the West and Communism in the east, both hold a similar idea that their ism is the right one for humanity. Greece and Turkey were not doing well finically after the war, and booth countries were dependent on Great Britain financially, but the damages of the last war were too high, and so Great Britain couldn’t afford to assist the countries. If these nations couldn’t afford to defend themselves against the communist than who will?. Truman sees this as an opportunity to showcase the generosity of America and to preserve the seeds of democracy in the western world with the Truman Doctrine.He spoke frankly and clearly in his speech, “The very existence of the Greek state is today threatened by the terrorist activities of several thousand armed men, led by Communists, who defy the government 's authority at a number of points.” He established that America needed to stop these communists from trying to convert the free nations of the…

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