Truman 's Statement Made For The Invasion Of South Korea Essay

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This Source is Truman’s statement made for the invasion of South Korea by North Korean forces, on the 27th June 1950. Harry Truman was the prime minister of the United States in 1945-1953. He promotes capitalism and is strongly against communism. The purpose of this statement is to raise people’s fear of communism, order United States air and naval forces to fight and work together to fight against it, this includes people involved in the United Nations. In his statement, he announced the invasion and emphasised the communist power by asking questions which make other nations think about the consequences they might face if they don’t help out. He also outlined his plan to defend South Korea. This is suitable for historians who study events in the cold war as this highlights the perspective of United States and allows a deeper understanding of the fear and worries they experienced. This is also an evident of how powerful the United States was by their instant response to the Soviet Union and their ability to make decisions and orders. However, this is only useful for an understanding on the

In the months preceding the outbreak of war they had both threatened to achieve unification by military means. In 1949, North Korean leader Kim Il Sung asked Soviet leader Josef Stalin for permission to invade South Korea. Stalin gave green light because he believed the United States has little interest in Korea.
On the 25th June 1950, 90000 North Korean soldiers intruded the…

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