Essay on Truman 's President Of The United States

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Thirty-third United States President Harry S. Truman entered office on January 20, 1945, when the climate of expectation was high. Since they were engulfed in the chaos of the Second World War and depressed by the passing of their President, the people required a powerful leader. The nation looked to the new president for reassurance, a feeling that everything would be alright. They needed a strong leader to provide a sense of progress and action when directing the country; it had to be someone whom they felt was legitimate and qualified for office. This was the climate of expectations which President Truman faced before his inauguration. Fortunately, Truman developed a very presidential style, world view, and character from a young age. Truman was a curious child who constantly read and studied history. Years later, these early habits enabled him to be the first to recognize Israel as a new nation. From the age of fourteen, Truman proved himself to be grounded on the principles of generosity and service. This resulted his world view, which allowed him to support struggling nations by applying the Marshall Plan. The presidential character of Truman was active-positive because he required himself to study global issues and gained satisfaction through service and generosity. The personality traits of intellect and selflessness that Harry Truman expressed as a child led him to possess the style, world view, active-positive character of the successful president the…

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