Truman 's Final Decision : Was It Right Or Wrong? Essay

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Truman’s Final Decision: Was it Right or Wrong?

Truman’s decision of dropping the bomb on Hiroshima wreaked havoc across the United States. While being in office for only three months before he had to make this decision, Truman knew it was going to be an important and life changing choice. Some people believe that it was one of the worst decisions he could have made. On the other hand, I believe that dropping the bomb was beneficial to not only then, but to today’s society as well. By dropping the bomb, it saved countless lives, strengthened the United States’ reputation, and shortened the war. If Truman did not make the decision to drop the bomb, then numerous other catastrophes could have occurred and possibly led to World War III. Dropping the bomb was the quickest and simplest way to end the war. Had Truman not followed through with this action, the war could have continued for months. Michael Barnes stated, “The bombs were dropped on August 6th and 9th. The next day, the Japanese requested a halting of the war. On August 14th Emperor Hirohito announced to the Japanese people that they would surrender, and the United States celebrated V-J Day (Barnes).” By dropping the bombs on these days, Japan finally realized how serious the United States was and decided to surrender. Any other way Truman could have ended the war would have taken both thought and time, whereas the bomb simply needed to be dropped and the war would be over. Had the war viciously continued, many…

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