Truman Vs. Truman 's Life Sized Jail Made For Truman Essays

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Truman was the first child to be legally bought by a company, he grew up in a fake world of Sea Haven, never new anything different, un aware he was controlled by the director’s actions. Truman was not accustomed to this ‘fake world’ thinking everything was normal and he was in his own perfect world. until some surprising circumstances in certain episodes that distracted Truman from the fake world. Truman started to construct there were some curious events that made him believe there was something different with the world he was living in. Even though Truman thought he controlled his actions and what he did on a daily basis, he was the one getting controlled, certain actions were set up for the show’s ratings and beneficial factors. But is Truman in this ultimate utopia or solely a life sized jail made for Truman?
Sea haven being the home of Truman is the perfect world for him, where nothing goes wrong, no crime no problems, everything is engineered for Truman. Christoph goes to say, “I have given Truman the chance to lead a normal life, the world the place you live in, is the sick place, Sea Haven is the way the world should be” (The Truman Show: 64 minutes-45 seconds) Christoph really believes he has given Truman a great life with no serious problems and has saved Truman from the “sick place” (The real world). Everyday problems that we in the real world worry about doesn’t often occupy and stress out Truman. The same things occur every day of every week, he talks to the…

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