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Fears and External Obstacles versus Freedom to Leave
(The Truman Show 1998)

Lauren: Yeah. I know. Look, Truman, I'm not allowed to talk to you. You know.
Truman Burbank: Yeah, well, I can understand, I'm a pretty dangerous character.
- When Truman met Sylvia first time

Everyone in the world has different characteristics and personalities. When many different characters make harmony together, it leads to great wealth in our lives. Not necessarily money, but the quality of life. However, every character around us cannot be wonderful and great to our lives. In many different cases, some people are opposite to us, and that can bring us difficulties and pain. That is how our life goes, and that is how we try to overcome it. There are
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The town is enclosed in a giant dome decked out with high-tech simulations of the sun, the sky, the rain, and the wind are courtesy of the special effects department to create. Truman alone who has no idea that he lives in a giant TV studio, as the rest of audiences watch him go from one stage situation to another in a nonstop telethon of reality programming the audience enjoys the pathos and the vicarious emotion. But into this fake heaven, unavoidably, appears a snake, the Shadow. After the staff makes mistakes that cause the invariability of the hallucination to break down, Truman figures out that his surroundings are full of staged scenes and events. When he decides to escape, only to come up against both his own fears, leaving the superficial world, and fighting against the obstacles put in his way by the producer-director, Cristof; He acts as God in Truman’s life, making billions of traps to make it impossible for Truman to escape his created world. However, Truman stands against powerful storms and the obstacles set by Cristof, overcoming the Cristof’s mind. Ultimately, Truman successfully leaves the dome, leaving the audience in amazement. So the Cristof’s world and Truman’s fear are the Shadow of this movie. Truman’s fear of water keeps him trapped on the island and forces him away from the outside world. This is the neurosis of agoraphobia that keeps this person locked in a false self. When he tries to grow

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