Truman Foreign And Domestic Policy Essay

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During most of the 19th century following the end of World War II (post war era) leading into the Cold war, the US government’s main concern and missions was mainly to diminish the influences of communist ideas. After WWII, the United States did what it took to hinder and oppress the spread of communism and communistic ideas both at home and in other countries. The way to achieving such goals was through both foreign and domestic policies on the US’s behalf. After WWII and in the midst of the Cold war, President Truman, alongside Congress, passes several policies that were designed to stop communism worldwide and at home mostly because of the fear of communism spreading. This created a relationship between many of foreign and domestic policies at that time. The relationship between most of the foreign and domestic policies during most of the 19th century after WWII (post war era) were designed to stop and contain the spread of communism. …show more content…
After WWII, one of the greatest concerns of the US was to stop the spread of communism in other countries through the creation of many Foreign policies such as the Truman Doctrine, The Marshall plan and the creation of NATO. Foreign policy, regarding the inhibition of communism, was working to provide help to other countries. For example the Truman Doctrine, established in 1947, was the cornerstone of president’s Truman foreign policy. Through the Truman Doctrine, the US would intervene to provide financial and military support to both Turkey and Greece in order to combat communism. As president Truman mentions in his speech announcing the doctrine, “I believe that it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation… by outside pressures.” (Source 154, Page 215) In other words Truman believes that this Doctrine should support countries resisting communism because it is a US duty. One year later in 1948, US

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