Truman Doctrine Significance

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World War II had destroyed the British forces heavily. The battle of Britain and the massive amount of destruction in Africa continent had made it impractical for the British to maintain the level of affairs; they had earlier in the Balkans and also in the Middle East. It was with the understanding of the situation that the President Truman and his team decided that the US had to be involved. All this led to creation of Truman Doctrine. So on March 12 1947, President Truman issued a Presidential statement stating that instant economic and military help to be given to the governments of Greece, and Turkey which came under pressure from Soviet development in the Mediterranean area because the Great Britain said that they won’t be able to afford …show more content…
presidents made policies which were known as doctrines so as to see who stood for what. The Truman doctrine provided political, military, and economic assistance so as to help all the democratic nations which came under the threat of external or internal authoritarian forces. It effectively reoriented the U.S. foreign policy which until then was to maintain a distance from conflicts not involving the U.S.; instead it got U.S. to intervene in the far away conflicts. Truman understood the situation in Greece and Turkey, and stated that assistance is very necessary if Greece wants to survive as a free nation. Truman was always well known for his diplomatic dealings with the Soviet Union. He was also known for his hardline rhetoric and firm dealing with the Soviet leaders. He used the economy of U.S. to cripple the Soviet economy by increasing military spending. The sudden rise in the expenditure on the military was tough for the Soviets to follow and for their economy. This approach to cold war politics played a role in the fall of U.S.S.R (Mathew, …show more content…
Truman projected that by his doctrine, he was trying to intervene in Greece saying that he was protecting American Middle East oil supplies, which ultimately made him present his own ideology that his main focus was containment, in which he was certainly a component of the US thinking regarding the foreign policy at that particular time. Later on it was seen that the main element of the United States policy was towards Soviet Union, as for sure it was the vigilant containment of Russian expansive tendencies (Wilde, 2005),
We can say that Truman doctrine stated that while fighting communism and stopping its expansion, United States to be more involved in international collaboration and work towards globalization, using economic resources to help other governments build, grow and modernize. This was clearly proved in the measures which were taken by the United States government in the case of Greece and

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