Essay Truman Doctrine And Its Effects On The World War II

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Truman Doctrine On March 12, 1947, President Harry Truman addressed congress with a plan to stop communist ideals. At a time when the world was still recuperating from the second largest war anyone had experienced. History was being made in the 1940’s a few months prior to Truman’s Doctrine the United States attacked Japan with nuclear weapons under his presidency. President Harry Truman was eager to see a change in the country he was leading. Under his presidency he wanted to make it clear to the world that he did not believe or would ever accept any communist ideologies. And that he was going to help other countries fight against communist countries.
In response to the soviet unions ’s attempt to aid Greece and Turkey, President Truman organized a hearing with congress in which he spoke of what needed to be done in order for those two countries to remain democratic and free. He spoke of how Greece had experienced famine and disease after World War II and how their northernmost frontier had been practically flung back into the Stone Age, on account of their railroad systems. He also spoke of how Turkey although doing much better than Greece, was still in grave danger of being corrupted by USSR’s communist points of view. Truman mentioned how the two countries bordering neighbors Algeria, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia were also at risk of being over taken by The Soviet Union. He knew that the United Nations could aid all of these countries but they would not be fast enough for…

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