Truman Doctrine And Containment Policy Essay

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Truman Doctrine and Containment
The Truman Doctrine was introduced by President Harry S. Truman in March 1947. The doctrine was a reversal of America’s old ways of isolationist foreign policy, to a policy of containment. The purpose of this new ideology was to strategically protect democratic and free markets from oppression of communism, and create a united Western Anti-communist sentiment. Historian Eric Foner argues the Truman Doctrine "set a precedent for American assistance to anticommunist regimes throughout the world, no matter how undemocratic, and for the creation of a set of global military alliances directed against the Soviet Union."(Olson-Raymer). This doctrine enabled a lot of the events that happened during the Cold War.
The Truman Doctrine was huge in ending the United States policy of isolationism, instead the doctrine laid the groundwork for a new kind of aggressive foreign policy which the United States still continues to this day. Truman’s doctrine laid out the plan for a new policy called containment. “Containment was the strategy by which the United States waged the Cold War. It had a variety of meanings at its inception, and evolved over the forty-five years of its existence. The key goals of containment were to limit the spread of Soviet power and Communist ideology. Yet containment was never a defensive strategy; it was conceived as an instrument to achieve victory in the Cold War” (Leffler). The scope of this new policy was broad, and would be the…

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