Truman Capote 's The Cold Blood Essay

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Truman Capote’s, In Cold Blood, is rich in allusions. Throughout the novel Capote uses allusions to call something to mind and he does this without directly mentioning it. Many of the allusions Capote uses are Biblical references. Early on in the book the reader is aware that someone is going to be killed. Capote is building the suspense early on in the book. He first makes a biblical reference when Mr. Clutter says, “an inch more of rain and this country would be paradise—Eden of earth” (12). In the Bible, Eden is known as the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve live in this Garden, but are not supposed to eat the fruit that grew on the tree of knowledge. God created an animal known as the serpent and it tricked Eve into eating an apple from the tree. Eve knew that if she ate from the tree she would die, but she was tempted by the serpent. At this point Eve had lost her innocence from eating the apple. Capote is trying to show that bad things can happen to people when they least expect it. The people of Holcomb believed that they were all safe and secure in their homes. They thought nothing bad could ever happen to them because nothing bad had happened before. Even though Holcomb has some of the nicest and innocent people living in it, bad things can happen to the people in it. The Biblical reference of Eve in the Garden of Eve, creates an allusion for the reader. Capote wants the reader to recall this Biblical story and have it relate to what is happening in the novel. In the…

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