Truman Capote 's The Cold Blood Essay

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Sometimes bad things happen to good people because of the wickedness of others. In Truman Capote’s novel In Cold Blood, he writes a detailed account of murderers Perry Smith and Dick Hickock that shows this type of wickedness by sharing the graphic details of the murders. Charged with murdering a family of four in cold blood with no true motive, the heartlessness and evilness of the two killers is inarguable. Truman Capote also shows their humanity, which draws sympathy from his readers. Truman Capote’s lived a very horrifying childhood. Capote never got to see his parents and when he did he never felt the love from them. Like any child, he thought that they might run to him and let him know how much they loved him. But no, they would rather judge him. He would sometimes feel abandoned by his parents especially his mother, “Lillie Mae often picked on him for his effeminate ways, and for not being like other boys” (Truman). She was the type of mother that could never accept him for the way that he was appeared to be. He was just a very sensitive person and for that reason he was picked on by tougher guys. Perry was the type of child who never got attention from home and “Capote gives extensive attention to the years of Perry’s troubled childhood and youth” (Morris 3164). Perry Smith’s parents were divorced so he had to live in a orphanage and this is where Capote gains sympathy from his readers. The nuns that took care of him majority of his life and…

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