Truman Capote 's The Cold Blood Essay

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In the best-selling novel, In Cold Blood, Truman Capote uses juxtaposition to sympathize with Perry while bringing to light Dick’s more irritable side. Capote’s unique style is present through his vivid imagery which highlights the drive of each murderer and his symbolism to represent the unexpected toughness of Perry and Dick’s escape. Also, Capote utilizes flashbacks and specific dialogue and thoughts to show how each man perceives the other. These techniques, along with many others, further characterize the murderers, as more than just blood-thirsty criminals.
Capote sets the scene by including Dick’s and Perry’s similar observation of Mexico. As the two men stop to rest while traveling in Mexico, they both immediately notice the “Mountains” (Capote 107), and the “dusty road” (Capote 108). These observations reveal how no matter where they are, both men are immediately drawn to power, whether it be in the form of a physical landscape or taking a life. Also, although power is a substantial, fulfilling feeling, both can not shake how it causes them to be isolated from the rest of their family. Forced to flee from the consequences of their actions, they are forced to abandon their families and the chance at living a normal life. Despite this similarity, Capote also introduces the different effects the murder has on the two criminals. Perry is constantly haunted by a “blue light exploding in a black room” (Capote 110)and is never able to shake the memory of blood on his…

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