Truman And The Space Race

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The 1950’s was a time that thrived in the spirit of conformity and prosperity. It was also the time of the Cold War. President Truman started out the United State’s involvement with the Cold War. He then created the Truman Doctrine that would support any country who wanted to avoid becoming communist, which later evolved into the Marshall Plan that stated the same ideas but would also provide financial aid. The United States and the Soviet Union competed head to head to prove that one is better than the other. During the Space Race, the Soviet Union became the first country to launch a satellite which they called “Sputnik.” The United States ultimately won the Space Race though, with their completion of “Explorer I,” the world’s first spaceship. …show more content…
As a farm family, they didn’t have all the luxuries of life that the town families had. Jerry didn’t have electricity in the home or running water. The only running water was located in the barn and the only bathroom was outside. His house was a tiny farm house that was just like all of the other farmhouses in the area. The townhouses were more luxurious than the farmhouses. My grandfather, spoken like a true optimist, had said “for every thing you didn’t have, you always had something good.” Growing up, Jerry worked on his family farms. Around age 15/16, he set bowling pins at the local bowling alley. At 16, even though he was underage, he worked the summer at the sawmill. HIs father was a logger and, “as her duty,” his mother worked at home. Since they lived off of their own farm and used what they had at home, the grocery store wasn’t a place that was often visited. He started driving around 13/14 years old, prior to having a license, gas was about $0.15. His first car, bought in ‘56, was a ‘41 Chevy that cost $75. He bought his first new car in ‘59. It was a ‘59 Ford Galaxie for $2,800. He drove his ‘41 Chevy truck as his first car, and his parents had a ‘53 Chevy truck, and a ‘50 Chevy. His dream car was getting a Model A car. He then talked about the banking system. His family put some money in the banks but also kept most of it at home. Since everyone in his area were struggling farmers, there wasn’t a huge divide in his community and with his

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