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American National Business Hall of Fame, ANBHF S. Truett Cathy

S. Truett Cathy

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Truett Cathy's career story belongs in a collection of biographies labeled "Christian Business Leaders," or in the broader category of
"Businesses Built on Religious Principles." In 1967 Cathy founded the Chick-fil-A chain of fast food restaurants. In building the 1,000 store chain, he explicitly relied on his religious principles. The
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From 1933 to the end of 1941 he was a newspaper delivery boy. Truett was energized by the challenges of, 1) signing up and keeping customers, and 2) earning a profit. Since he bought his

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American National Business Hall of Fame, ANBHF S. Truett Cathy

papers at wholesale rates and sold at retail prices, he saw the enterprise as an exercise in business management. Out of this experience came a vision of what he would do with his adult life. In his words (Cathy, 2002, p.31):
"My success with the paper route convinced me that I would one day open a business of my own, most likely a service station, grocery store, or restaurant."
Two other childhood experiences stand out in terms of their influence on Cathy. One was exposure to his Sunday school teacher,
Theo Abby. Truett's father had some positive characteristics but was not able to give his son the attention and love that Truett desperately wanted. Into this void stepped Abby. As Truett put it (Cathy, 2002, pp.29-30): "My Sunday school teacher recognized somehow that I had a father who never told me he loved me.... I think he sensed my isolation, because he reached out to me and became a model of the loving and caring father... "Through his teaching, Mr.
Abby gave me a better understanding of the Bible, but more important, he displayed to me a loving and caring spirit. He

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