True Identities Discovered : A Virtual World Essay

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True Identities Discovered in a Virtual World The creation of a virtual identity, or avatar, has the potential to unleash one’s true self. In the cyberworld of games, one can create their character to be their ideal person; physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The virtual reality creates the backdrop against which the action takes place and the characters play out their roles. Interestingly, the gamers who control their respective avatar have within themselves some of the same characteristics that they built into their ideal personas. Though some of these characteristics may be exaggerated, and some, such as gender, may be reversed, the bravery, intelligence, aptitude, and heroics displayed in the virtual world are present in these same people in the real world. They may be deeply hidden, and even afraid to show themselves, but by being exhibited by the avatars in the virtual world, they become uncovered and have the potential to manifest themselves by the gamers in the real world. In Ready Player One, people log into the videogame OASIS daily as an escape from their dreadful lives. It is the year 2045, and the world is a dismal place filled with deprivation, oppression, and overcrowding. True to the definition of its name, OASIS, is an MMO paradise that provides “a pleasant and peaceful area in the midst of a difficult and hectic place or situation” (Oxford). A person’s identity is a combination of who they are, how they present themselves, and perhaps even more…

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