True Hydration Advantages

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During exercise your body's core temperature rises, if it rises too much your performance levels decrease rapidly which is detrimental to your training and competitive events. Using a precise combination of minerals and sugars your body can achieve "True Hydration", which allows you to maintain proper core temperature for optimal performance. "True Hydration" reduces cramping and increases power throughout strenuous activity, giving you maximum physical benefits. The addition of Branched Chain Amino Acids supports muscle function, growth and recovery. BCAA loading while training keeps muscles primed and avoids muscle atrophy that comes from overexertion without proper feeding. Amino Hydrates unique combination assists athletes in performing at their peak longer, without post training exhaustion.

it's a lower concentrated solution- This helps with hydration, especially for high intensity bouts longer than an hour. It prevents the body from pulling water into the stomach and intestines making
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As a result, we lose water and salt through our sweat and body water begins to drop. The harder we work, the more we sweat, and the more we sweat, the greater the risk of dehydration, especially during intense workouts or simply working outside under the sun. Exercise performance can suffer with as little as a 2-3% drop in body weight due to dehydration. Enter, Amino Hydrate. Amino Hydrate was created to meet both the bodies need to stay hydrated and to spare that hard earned muscle. What makes Amino hydrate unique is that it utilizes and optimal concentration levels to prevent further dehydration. Simply put, most sports drink actually dehydrate individuals because they are too concentrated with sugars and have less than optimal levels of electrolytes. This high concentration of sugar actually pulls water from the blood and into the stomach and intestines to dilute the

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