True Forgiven By Jonathan Wayne King Essay

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Truly Forgiven

Jonathan Wayne Nobles was a murderer who atoned for his crimes during his

incarceration.“In 1986 Jon was convicted (almost entirely on the strength of his own

confession) of stabbing Kelley Farquhar and Mitzi Johnson-Nalley to death. He also admitted

stabbing Ron Ross,Nalley’s boyfriend, who lost an eye in the attack.”(Earle 74-75) Jonathan

Wayne Nobles was sentenced to death on October 7 1998. He found religion, and helped other

inmates find religion during his incarceration. Nobles might have been on drugs during the

murders he committed, but during his prison sentence he accepted god into his heart. In

addition, he worked the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. He showed exemplary behavior

during his incarceration. Almost everyone including the guards, and inmates, believed in his


During Nobles time in the Ellis unit he found religion and forgiveness for the crimes he

committed. “He befriended the Catholic clergy who ministered in the prison system, including

members of the Dominican Order of Preachers. He eventually became a lay member of the

order and ministered to his fellow inmates, even standing as godfather at inmate Cliff Boggess’

baptism. He later helped officiate at the Mass that was celebrated the night before Boggess’

execution. I watched this transformation in the letters that I received.”(Earle 75) Nobles

changed almost everyone 's lives that he came in contact with before his death. He even


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