The True Cost Of War Essay

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So... this is the true cost of war... the true cost of a rebellion. Somehow, I never imagined it would be like this, but whether I want it to or not... it is. How can life be this fragile? It is concevied within seconds, and... ends in mere moments. With all the tragic happenings in my adrenaline-packed journey, I thought I had witnessed the worst in beings.

Obviously, I was deadly wrong.

Never again.

Wading through the chaotic struggle, time itself slows around me. My senses acute to the point I hear every sound; every... scream of agony. Rubble blocks my path, yet, I stand triumphant over its rocky fortitude. No matter the obstacle, I always overcame it- Stormtroopers, Inquisitors, and even my own friend. However... how can you solve
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It was that face, shaped like Zoe 's.

It was the hair, similar to Zoe 's.

That small child was trigger, and I cannot un-see her body, lifeless as it is carefully dragged out, from under a collapsed building. In a world full of Twi 'leks, I observe a rare human child, dead from the mayhem. Her death corrupts her youthful innocence, all... because of us.

"Viz, please get over here!" Sabine practically begs me, washing away my resignation like a bucket of sub-zero water. Switching into action, my hearing dulls and my legs loosen, signalling that I am back in the emergency.

Stampeding through everyone to reach the crew, I join them in their frantic attempts to uncover a trapped group of civvies from a destroyed complex. "Out of the way." I shove Ezra to the side and help Zeb to lift the heavy rubble.

"Ezra, use the force." Kanan commands, just within my hearing radius. "On the count of three," he adds, shuffling into position behind me. Grunting with the tremendous effort, I pick up a large chunk and cast it off to my left. "One, two, three." Kanan counts down, ending with several more pieces being removed from the
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Still, the city is in a state of shock and utter bedlam- people scrambling around, seeking loved ones. Their misery was sowed by us- the rebels. We were what brought the Empire to Ryloth, and what gave the order to bombard. Without mercy or remorse, TIEs dropped explosives on the serene capital.

"You okay?" the gentle voice of Hera interrupts my pitying.

"I should be the one asking you that question, Hera." I counter, thinking about how she must be feeling. This is her home, after all.

"That maybe so, but I need your head in the game." Hera sternly divulges to me. "Or, more of my people will die, today" she solemnly tells me.

"You 're right, let 's go." I agree without delay, preventing any more of the assurances from Hera, as I know what is at stake. The entire galaxy is on the verge of the greatest war in its history. The people vs the oppressing regime; the Empire vs the Rebellion.

Hera casts me a concerned glance, yet ultimately gives in and leads me off into the distance. Only time will give us the power we need, and the most important weapon of all.


Our Rebellion was founded by the hope of a better future; a future without the discrimination of the Galactic Empire. Now, it is driven by the unyielding resolve of the ordinary beings of the worlds. Now, who 's to say we won 't

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