Truck Business On Douglas College New Westminster Campus Essay

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Tofino truck business on Douglas College New Westminster campus

The Tacofino food truck initially started in Tofino (Mearns, 2012). After two years of success, the food truck business was started at different locations, including Vancouver. The main goal of this food truck is to provide health and fresh food to people at reasonable prices. Building around this core goal, the menu has expanded with consumer demand to include cookies and drinks. Tacos and burritos offer a tasty blend of healthy ingredients and delicious flavors to customers (Mearns, 2012).

This report is to demonstrate a solution that will provide better food options to the Douglas College students. Though there is the availability of almost all daily necessities in the cafeteria, still they did not seemed to satisfied students and faculty. Furthermore, Tim Horton’s just have donuts and cafeteria has some small sandwiches that are not enough for complete diet of students. Therefore, opening a food truck service at Douglas College is a good idea. The reason of opening the food truck business is that after conducting the survey inside and outside of the college, survey reveals that students and people around the campus are looking for some more refreshment and healthy food. As it has well known that there is no place for complete lunch near around the college, the students have to walk down the streets to sky train station. Thus, if there would be a food truck service at the college campus, it…

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