Troytopia Is The Best Place For People Essay

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Troytopia is the best place for people to live in. It has the perfect living conditions, sound social systems, and excellent living state. Troytopia is set up to offer a perfect country for people to reside. Having few rules and regulation, people live free and get rid of the hedge from the conventions. The advanced social ideas, high techniques, as well as high degree of civilization in Troytopia make Troytopia a paradise for people. In addition, Troytopia pays attention to the construction of human’s inner world, which is a reflection of the respect to humans and focuses on the development of humans, indicating the essence of humans’ existence to live with nature in harmony. The most outstanding artifact in Troytopia can be represented by gun, which is the primary weapon to guard the nation. Having the weapon of guns with multipurpose that could be armed by polices only, the value of Troytopia is positive, including constructing a healthy community to help the citizens develop a healthy state in both physique and psychology, as well as a city which is based on the unity and equality, in where people will have relatively equal rights in the conjunct nation.
Safety in Troytopia has an extremely large proportion, showing the importance of safety of the nation, and the design of guns ensures the performance of security. The multifunction of the guns generally consists of a couple of modes, including the first non-lethal mode, aiming at people who have few intentions to do…

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