Essay on Troy Maxson: a Tragic Hero

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When people think of a hero, they do not understand you don't need to be just like superman, you don't need to be able to fly, or be immortal and never die. There is no need to wear a mask, save the world, or have special powers. To me, any regular person can become a hero in their own way. I believe a hero can be found in any piece of literature, most main characters are all heroes, but they are all heroes in a different way. To me, in order to be a hero, all you need to do is put someone else's life in front of your own, if you can change someone else's life you can then call yourself a hero. Aristotle once said that a tragic hero is "one who does not fall into misfortune though vice or depravity, but falls because of some mistake". …show more content…
Since the fight troy has not been living with Rose, and he knows he does not have any way to take care of the child the way a real parent should. He is responsible enough to realize this and asks rose to take care of the child, he leaves her at the house with Rose and goes back to living on the streets. To me this is a heroic action because he can put aside his differences with his wife, and wake up to reality, Troy realizes that he has a kid and he can not take care of her, he has to give her to Rose and he will live on the streets just so she can be ok. I believe Troy Maxson makes a great hero in this play. He knows how to stand up for himself, stand up for his rights, and he strictly follows what he believes in, even if he expresses it in the wrong ways. He gets into many conflicts in the play and he tries to work them out. He shows that any person, no matter how great they are, can be a

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