Troy Marketplace Observation

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While on patrol, I was dispatched to Troy Market Place in reference to a intoxcated male attempting to get into an 18 wheeler and leave. Upon arrival, I observed a white male in the driver seat for the rig, while it was running. Once I started exiting my patrol vehicle, the white male jumped out the driver seat and went towards the back of the rig. I then knocked on the driver door and directed the driver to step down from the vehicle. I then advised the driver why officers were there. Once the driver stepped out, I dentified him as Russell Bailey. Bailey had a strong odor of an alcholic beverage coming from his expelled breathe. Bailey also had glossy bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. I asked Bailey if he had anothing to drink and he replied, "I went to Double Branch and had a …show more content…
I noticed nystagmus in both eyes at maximum deviation. Bean also had involuntary movement in both eyes prior to 45 degrees.

On the Walk and Turn test, I asked Bailey to place his right foot in front of his left foot while I domonstrate the test. Bailey was unable to stand without swaying and using his arms. Bailey also wasn’t able to put his right foot in front of his left foot without losing his balance. Bailey wasn’t able to finish performing the test that I demonstrated to him.

On the One Leg Stand test, I asked Bailey to hold either foot of his choice up parellel, 6 inches off the ground with his leg straight out. Bailey then started alternating legs, just kicking them straight out. I then re-demonstarted the test to give Bailey another try and he performed the test the same
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Bailey was then placed under arrest for DUI and transported to the Troy City Jail where he was processed. I then asked Bailey to blow in the Drager, in which he blew a .17. Bailey rig was left in the buisness parking lot.Bailey was also give his copy of the Drager

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